Les valeurs de Lili

The Materials

The material we use the most is raffia. This fiber is obtained from the raffia palm tree, which grows in tropical regions and in wet soil.

 The raffia palm is made of long leaves that can attain 60ft. Collectors go deep into the island to harvest the raffia palm.

 They strip and dry the freshly cut pale green strand and sun dry them. The dried raffia fibers then turn beige in color to yield the natural colored raffia. Part of this natural raffia is also dyed to obtain colored natural raffia.

All these processes from the raffia harvesting, to the dying and packing are done manually by the local people with respect to the environment,

Governmental laws also contribute to the preservation of the raffia palm trees by limiting the harvest of raffia palm from June to October each year to allow the branches of the raffia palm trees to regrow before the start of the next harvest season. 


The raffia fiber is soft, pliable, strong, durable, easy to dye and biodegradable making it an excellent material for weaving totes, hats, mats and rugs. The Malagasy knowledge for raphia weaving is unique. 


After separating the fiber to make it thin, the weaver is making knots to set a spool.

Then the rabane (name of the raffia fabric) is handwooven  on a wood loom.

 No piece is exactly the same and any slight irregularities add to the character of unique items.

 Because we design and make in our factory,   we  adjust the design as we all wear and field test the product.

 Constantly inspired by island lifestyle, summer and a chic attitude. For beach, walks, shopping or daily use, our raffia bags and hats are renowned for their quality unique styling and colour innovation.